Advanced Resonance Kinetics (ARK®) crystal

“Unifying Science, Community & Consciousness in Resonance with Nature, Earth and the Cosmos.”

-Resonance Science Foundation


The Crystal

• Laboratory grown high-purity quartz (SiO4) crystal
• Precisely cut along a specific axis of molecular lattices
• Geometric solid that is a direct harmonic of spacetime
• Discovered in the work of Nassim Haramein

The Saddle

• Protects the crystal with CP4 grade titanium
• Crystal floats in saddle using a system of silicon bumpers
• System of magnets secure crystal to accessories
• Join crystals to create tetrahedron based geometries

The Pendant

• Titanium pendant magnetically secures ARK® Crystal
• ARK® fits within arms and includes titanium chain
•Wearable at different lengths (18", 20", 24", 26")
• Place from heart to throat based upon preference


ARK® Crystals

ARK® stands for Advanced Resonance Kinetics. These crystals are said to interact with and harness energy and information from the zero-point field called the quantum vacuum. This is created using resonance-based technology and has shown to have significant effects on structuring water, increasing coherence, and optimize all forms of life for growth and vitality.

ARK® crystals have been designed and engineered to connect with this quantum vacuum energy source with the help of what is called the Harmonic Flux Resonator, bringing the ARK® crystal into molecular harmonic resonance. This was made possible by over 30 years of research in the field of unified physics work done by Nassim Haramein. Nassim discovered a precise dimensional ratio that allowed the tetrahedral ARK® crystals to form an optimized state of harmonic resonance.




ARK® Crystals can be used to optimize the coherent structure or “charge” water, juices, wine and even oils.

I simply place my water into a glass cup, center my water above the crystal with the arrows on the crystal pointing up and safely elevate my cup over my crystal. Within 20 minutes of exposure to my crystal, the water starts increasing in structure, with full saturation within 48 hours.

IMPORTANT: NEVER immerse your crystal in boiling or freezing water — temperature extremes will affect the coherent structure of the crystal and could damage it!



ARK crystals can be used similarly to acupuncture to bring additional coherence to the body’s meridian network and energy centers. To use for this purpose place the crystal on any of the meridian points or energy centers with the orientation marks pointing away from the body and perform your work as per your normal practice.

Over time your crystal may need to be cleaned from the accumulation of oils on your body or hands or from other use.  To clean your crystal properly please treat it like you would a pair of eye glasses—use a micro cloth and a high grade natural vinegar solution.   Please avoid any harsh chemicals or abrasives.