Fireside Chat at Mindvalley University with Nassim Haramein

Nassim Haramein, “Modern Day Tesla” Shares The Fascinating Science Behind The Connectedness Of Everything

In this video recorded live at Mindvalley University, Nassim Haramein and Vishen Lakhiani talk about the science of the near future including wormholes in space, time and space travel, and the consciousness that’s present all around us.

To say Nassim Haramein is a genius is an understatement. He’s spent over 30 years researching and discovering connections in mathematics, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, chemistry, as well as anthropology and ancient civilizations.

He’s a legendary philosopher and scientist who challenges common beliefs and myths about God, nature, and consciousness.


In this fireside chat with Vishen Lakhiani he shares:

  • What consciousness really means and how does it relate to zero-point energy in the physical world

  • How the electromagnetic field stores information and how we can transmit it faster than the speed of light

  • How gravity control and flying cars will shape our lives 10 years from now

Pay close attention because he will blow your mind and make you question everything you’ve been taught in science class.

If it triggered your curiosity to see more of the stunning research Nassim does on the future of science, do go ahead and check out Unified Science TV on his website.

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