NewEnergy101: There's torque in the fabric of spacetime


Why do Atoms spin?? Why does the Galaxy spin? The answer is TORQUE! Just when you thought there was No Hope Left on this planet, a new form of Technology is born that has the potential to leave no aspect of our lives untouched!

There is Torque in the fabric of spacetime that we can harness for electricity, transportation, health and happiness all around the world.

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Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass Ratio - Nassim Haramein


This is a massive discovery!

Once every few hundred years a new discovery is made that changes the entire world in ways beyond our imagination. Right now we are at the beginning of such a new discovery, and it’s called, The Mass Ratio. - Discovered by Nassim Haramein and his team at The Resonance Project.

What Do UFOs Have That We Don't Have??

We're taking about real Spaceship Technology...not rocket-ships...

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The birth of a new technology!

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