The Great Pyramid of Egypt Rain Machine

Ancient Architects

It is the belief of many than the Great Pyramid of Egypt, the largest monument on the Giza Plateau, was in fact a rain machine; something that thanks to the news that came out of the Middle East in 2011, that scientists were artificially seeding rain clouds, certainly isn’t pseudoscience. It is in fact very real.

Basic observations of the Great Pyramid, from the water pump hypothesis, the acoustic properties, the piezoelectric energy generation and the fact that it could focus electromagnetic energy, all tell us that the Great Pyramid focused electricity into the atmosphere.

Could the ancient people of Egypt have been trying to seed rain clouds to stop the desertification of northern, Lower Egypt, to encourage plant growth and to effectively save the civilization. Could this therefore mean that the rain erosion of The Sphinx enclosure could also be younger than we think? Watch the video to learn more.

All images are taken from Google Images for educational purposes only.

Buddy BakerComment