Nassim Haramein -- Symposium der Grenzwissenschaft 2012

Nassim Haramein is a physicist. Haramein combines physics and spirituality in his research. For over a decade, Haramein has lectured worldwide on the new physics.

Nassim Haramein is the founder of the non-profit foundation "The Resonance Project". In this foundation, Haramein is conducting research with colleagues at the Einheitsfeld.

Haramein extensively researched the basic geometry of the universe. Together with Elizabeth Rauscher, Haramein developed a unified field theory called "Haramein-Rauscher-Metric". This theory is an alternative solution to Einstein's field equations and takes into account the rotation and Coriolis forces. In 2003, Nassim Haramein founded the non-profit foundation "The Resonance Project".

-The dimensions are not as they are taught to us ... neither point nor line and surface exist, but the cube that can be constructed from them in 3D. Every atom contains all the information of the universe.

- Our cell system and the whole universe communicates via a holographic field

- All matter in the universe consists of 99.999 .. percent of so-called empty space. However, very few people know that this space or vacuum can not be empty, even though quantum physics explained it about 100 years ago. According to its findings of fractal geometry, energy in vacuum is not the result, but the source of the material world ,

- Quantumgravitation -We're in the birth canal right now

- all the billions of galaxies with billions of stars, most of them much bigger than our sun, and if we stuffed all that into a square inch of space, then the density of the cube would be only 10 to 55 grams.

- Einstein seemed to think that way, as in his quote: "Physical objects are not in space, but spatially expanded." Thus, the concept of 'empty space' loses its meaning. " Future technology will be available soon

- free energy development and prevention Energy conservation set, closed systems do not exist, interaction with gravity and electromagnetism are always present.

- Cosmos means order, and we are a living miracle.