Mesopotamian Origins of Ancient Egypt | Ancient Architects

Through all of my research I cannot get away from the idea that Ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt have a common origin, with one culture spawning the other. It’s a hypothesis that has been around for a long time, championed by many famous researchers and although it is arguably impossible to prove, I do think that the two cultures have a common origin.

One aspect of Ancient Egyptian iconography that has caught my attention in recent months is the serekh, or ornamental palace façade, which has a very distinct style and is a prominent symbol and decoration in Ancient Egypt.

It isn’t commonly known, but the serekh or palace façade is just one of many clear and obvious Mesopotamian influences of Ancient Egypt, an influence that was clearly strongest at the beginning of dynastic history and Uruk in Mesopotamia may be the origin of the first dynastic kings of Egypt. Watch the video to learn more. All images are taken from Google Images for educational purposes only.

The Origins of Ancient Egypt: Prehistoric Petroglyphs and Nabta Playa