Project Bright Star - Star Teachings R&D

The mission of the Star Teachings Society is to build community and spread kindness, compassion, happiness, and many other ancient teachings that are relatable to everyone.

Sharing the wisdom of mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics also falls under the scope of the Star Teachings Society, as part of our mission to share ancient technology with the world. As part of this effort, the team of scientists that forms the Star Teachings Research & Development Department is glad to share some of what’s been going on in their workshop in this video about Project Bright Star.

Project Bright Star is a project that links research on magnetic fields to understanding how the universe affects us. The project involves launching high-altitude helium balloons and sensor equipment high into the atmosphere to gather data about how magnetic fields affect the body, our emotions, and happiness, kindness, and compassion. This research relates in basic terms to our understanding of what spirit is and how we look at it, and how we participate in the world in a bigger community.

We are affected by the universe. We are affected by the stars.

Thank you to everyone who makes this research possible.

You can reach the team of Project Bright Star at:

Star Teachings Society
P.O. Box 66808
Falmouth, ME 04105