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The C.I.A. classified a book on earth's catastrophe cycle and crust displacement in 1966. With the focus and publicity of the topic at the time, why classify THIS one, wait so long to release it, and so-heavily sanitize the document?

Read the document for yourself:

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Earth Catastrophe Cycle | Stories to Tell

This is episode 2, following "The Next End of the World | CIA Classified" Watch it here:

More episodes coming, more detail coming :)

Cuvier's book:

World's in Collision:

D. Vogt (Diehold Foundation):

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Earth Catastrophe Cycle | $21 Trillion

Does the "missing" $21 Trillion have anything to do with the catastrophe cycle due up sooner than we'd all hope? The video and the digressions follow from this concept.

SuspectSky ( ) has hosted MANY discussions on the missing trillions. If anyone likes UFOs, he is also one of the best compilers of those videos. He and I also grew up together :)

Earth Catastrophe Cycle | SOLAR MICRONOVA

A solar micronova satisfies all the catastrophe evidence, including the cyclical nature, the disaster sweet-spot, AND impactor-like evidence.

D. Vogt:

This topic will be discussed at Observing the Frontier 2019
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Thanks to Robert M. Schoch and his wife Catherine. Thanks to Ken White and the late Major White, and the other researchers in history who told important stories of our past.

Earth Catastrophe Cycle | SOLAR MICRONOVA II

In part 5, the solar micronova sparks the imagination, and Douglas Vogt speaks to us about his decades of research.

THE NOVA PANEL, Observing the Frontier 2019 Info:

Earth Catastrophe Cycle | Star-Metal Impactors

Dr. August Dunning [CalTech, formerly NASA/JPL] discusses how his star-metal theory is evolving with the concept of a solar micronova.

Earth Catastrophe Cycle | Good Questions

Part 7 of the series. Here is the whole series:

Animations of the Nova flash and rotation halt were done by Xaviar Thunders.

Earth Catastrophe Cycle | Plasma Formations

Plasma formations are the key to understanding ancient accounts of the catastrophe, to understanding what could happen in the future, and to monitoring for signs of its coming.

Stan Tenen:

Earth Catastrophe Cycle | Pole Shift

In part 9, "Pole Shift": Solar flares are already known to change the earth's rotation, now imagine one 100 to 1000 times larger than what is known. How does the crust unlock from the mantle? Would a tilt be included or rotation change only? A pole shift is already underway.

Earth Catastrophe Cycle | The Wind Attacks

Part 10: The wind we know, plus electric wind from the sun and galaxy. In this first wind episode we learn some interesting facts at the earth, sun, and galactic scale involving the wind.

Watch the whole series:

Animations by Xaviar Thunders, ESO, NASA, Hubble, ESA, Chandra

Earth Catastrophe Cycle | SOLAR MICRONOVA III

Micronova evidence from the moon, evidence from the past, and the physics of nova-level electricity. This is Episode 11, watch the whole series here:

Come to the conference, see the nova panel:

Animations by Xaviar Thunders, ESO, ESA, NASA, Hubble Featured: Dr. August Dunning, Dr. Anthony Peratt, Douglas Vogt

Earth Catastrophe Cycle | The Oceans

Part 12 of the series. From glimmers of hope to the sun-god’s face on a burnt orange moon…

Earth Catastrophe Cycle | Ice Age

Episode 13 | Review, Questions & Answers, Ice Age Trigger Mechanisms... plural. Bonus Note: if we were to tilt 90 degrees, having two reflective ice blocks at the equator is enough to cause an ice age.

Earth Catastrophe Cycle | Cosmic Blast Scale

This is the 8th of 14 episodes to contain D. Vogt of the Diehold Foundation - Come see him, Dunning and Davidson at the Nova Panel at OTF2019 (Feb.15-17, 2019).

Earth Catastrophe Cycle | Signs on the Sun

Episode 15 | Signs on the sun of a micronova or super flare to come, and also how we can track the pole shift without the ‘officials’. Also BONUS material from Dr. Dunning at the end!

Watch the full Catastrophe Cycle Series:

Comets might offer years warning of a micronova. Ion changes could be seen months ahead of time. Rotation changes would mean an event is imminent.

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Earth Catastrophe Cycle | Dig In

Comets might offer years warning. Ion changes could be seen months ahead of time. Rotation changes would mean an event is imminent. Most of the animations in this video were purchased from VideoBlocks or selected from the resource list below. Please be advised that copying some parts of this video may infringe on the rights of VideoBlocks and their creators. Numerous other animations were provided by Xaviar Thunders.

Resources Used [Thanks to John McGovern]

Earth Catastrophe Cycle | System Schoch

Episode 17 | Mental practice & situation awareness in the execution of a plan, a NEW interview with Dr. Schoch, the inclusion of Robert Felix in the discussion, and my personal opinion on timeline evidence.

Watch the Full Series!
Dr. Schoch:
Robert Felix:
Douglas Vogt:

Earth Catastrophe Cycle | Lucky Head Start

Episode 18 - Mars/Moon Evidence & More Advice on What To Do/Have Ready in a Catastrophe Event.

This video utilized many licensed animations from VideoBlocks. Copying this video without their license will violate about a dozen of their copyrights.

Earth Catastrophe Cycle | Observing the Frontier

Episode 19 | Dr. Anthony Peratt & Ben Davidson @ Observing the Frontier 2019.

Watch the full Catastrophe Cycle Series:

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Earth Catastrophe Cycle | Galactic Superwave

Part 20 | Dr. Paul LaViolette | Galactic/Solar Catastrophe

Watch the Whole Series:

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EARTH UNDER FIRE | Dr. Paul LaViolette
Dr. LaViolette's Websites: &

Relevant Papers:

Earth Catastrophe Cycle | CIA Classified

Part 21 | The rest of Chan Thomas' book. The hiding of plasma universe concepts and triggering of catastrophe.

See the whole series here:

Read the full Chan Thomas book at and check out the SuspectSky YouTube Channel for discussion.

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Earth Catastrophe Cycle | IMPACTS

Part 22 | Randall Carlson on impactors, the sun, the galaxy, and earth catastrophe cycle.

Watch the whole series:

Learn More About Randall:

Earth Catastrophe Cycle | Secret of the Sun

Part 23 | Evidence that the sun has next-level flaring or micronova potential, and that there is an ensemble of elegant cycles, both long and short.

Watch all 23 episodes here:

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