Resonance Discovered


The Unexpected Journey in the Creation of an ARK® Crystal

Have you ever looked at an ARK® crystal or seen the hashtag #whereistheark and wondered “ What does it take to put the power of the universe in the palm of your hand?”

To the naked eye, an ARK® Crystal is uncomplicated. It’s a clear, precision cut quartz crystal encased in a titanium saddle, nestled safely inside an elegant pendant. Though the design is clean, beautiful in its simplicity, the journey from seed crystal to resonance technology is deep and complex.

Before an ARK® Crystal finds its way to you it has an extensive journey. It all begins with a scientist in a lab and a crystal seed. Once the seed is sown, through a molecular process of hydrothermal synthesis, it grows into a slab of the highest-quality optical grade quartz. laboratory grown crystals are 99.99% pure; a level unheard of in natural quartz. From planting to harvest, it takes several years for a hydrothermally synthesized quartz to reach maturation.

Once the crystals reach the specified size, they are harvested and inspected for quality and handed off for further cutting and use. It takes as many as 90 steps to properly cut or grind a precise tetrahedron according to ARK®’s standards. Each step is fine and precise, taking into account the molecular alignment of the quartz which must be constantly marked and verified with each step to ensure the crystal is cut according to specification. After the crystals are cut, they are sent to the ARK® headquarters in Orange County California, where a small staff hand inspects each stone for accuracy and quality.

If the crystals pass inspection, they can move on to the next phase of their journey; the saddle and pendant fitting. Each saddle and pendant are expertly crafted from titanium using a technique called titanium metal injection molding (TMIM). TMIM allows for the production of the small finely featured titanium parts, which are then sent on to be hand polished and assembled.

After everything is inspected and up to ARK®’s rigid standards, each crystal is fitted with its own, individual saddle and pendant. The pendants are outfitted with a special set of magnets, designed to keep the ARK® crystal safely in place.

After meticulous assembly, each ARK® crystal is charged in Torus Tech’s Harmonic Flux Resonator (HFR). The HFR creates a circularly modulated electromagnetic field that oscillates the piezoelectric axis of the ARK® crystal generating a unique resonance and energetic pattern in the crystal’s field. This couples the ARK® crystal to the vacuum energy which drives coherent electromechanical oscillations of the quartz resulting in a constitutive field of interaction emanating from the crystal. Once activated by the HFR, ARK® crystals can be used to increase coherence and vitality in almost any system when placed in their resonant field of interaction.

Crystal oscillators are used everywhere; from cell phone technology to healing tools, quartz crystal oscillators are one of the most functional rocks grown on earth. With its versatility comes a great strength. Some quartz crystals can transmit ultraviolet light better than glass while others are fundamental to some of the most highly technical experiments of our time. With the advanced technology from ARK® crystals, you can hold an enhanced version of this immense power in the palm of your hand and resonate with this energy in your everyday life.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the ARK® Crystal story - the company is growing rapidly and we are expanding our production, fulfillment and marketing reach across the board. Our mission is to make the ARK® crystal resonance technology a fundamental part of a conscious healthy well-being focused lifestyle for people everywhere across the world – one point of light at a time!

ARK® crystal – experience resonance!