How long until robots rule the world?

Dr. Ben Goertzel is a world leading AI scientist, pioneering decentralized artificial general intelligence as the founder & CEO of SingularityNET, chief scientist of Hanson Robotics, and chairman of OpenCog Foundation.

Ben Goertzel is the CEO of SingularityNET, a well-known artificial general intelligence technologist and expert and is part of the Maltese Government Task Force on Artificial Intelligence. He is interviewed at the Malta Blockchain Summit on November 3, 2018 by David Orban, Founder of Network Society, who has known Goertzel for more than ten years. During the interview Goertzel describes what SingularityNET is doing in the context of artificial general intelligence. He also describes the importance of SOPHIA, the AI Robot, in helping to communicate what artificial intelligence is and its possibilities to the general public. He also describes his role as a member of the Malta Government’s new AI Task Force. Malta is seeking to do what it did to promote blockchain and DLT technology and related business practices to become “Blockchain Island” with artificial intelligence technologies.

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