Who Built The Ancient Temples Of Myra?

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Rock-cut tombs in Myra.

Rock-cut tombs in Myra.

Due to the rigidity of academic opinion, regarding the history man, are stubbornly attributed to civilisations, that were simply incapable of their construction.

Mausoleums, temples and other structures, found all over the world, often carved straight out of the bedrock, with such artistic vision and accuracy, they rival even the artistic masterpieces created during the renaissance.

Temples such as the Kailash among many others found within India alone, that were somehow carved straight out of rock hillsides, with stunning precision.

Such astonishing feats of ancient stonework, that to claim they were created by the currently academically attested cultures, we feel, is absurd.

Not only are many of these ancient unexplainable structures, built with the utilisation of seemingly impossibly huge megalithic blocks, but they also display masonry techniques and refined stone carving, that we believe the only logical explanation for their origins, is that of a once highly capable, technologically advanced civilisations workmanship.

For example, our recent research surrounding the Bazda Cave system, the confirmed quarry for the nearby ancient ruins of Harran, with a focus on the stone cutting tool marks found within, and indeed the easily identifiable shape of the blocks built from this undertaking, we perceive, as a possible missing link, now connecting a vast number of ancient ruins around the world. Due to it being confirmed as the quarry for Harran, and the unique shape of the stones used in the construction of the site, we have been able to link this signature style of block cutting, to many other sites around the globe.

With the astonishing ancient rock cut structures, found at a site known as Myra, now also identified as one of these sites.

Predictably claimed as tombs by academia.

And although there is no substantiated written reference for Myra existing before it was listed as a member of the Lycian league in 168 BC, the stone work still existing at the site, thanks to ours and newearths efforts, could be seen as that of the same as many other ancient sites, also possessing these signature blocks found at Hassan, which we strongly feel due to a large amount of evidence, as having a Pre-Diluvian origin…

These identifiable features most notably found within the theatre of Myra, and although the flooring has been robbed out, which we presume was once polygonal, just like that of the flooring found still existing at the ancient amphitheatre of Delphi. Additionally, the precision with which these pertained tombs were cut into the sheer cliff face, is to us, clear evidence of a civilisations work, far more capable than that of the academically claimed builders, the iron age Lycians, or even the Greeks.

We suspect, like the many other incredibly built ancient sites around the world, this site was merely re-inhabited by later civilisations, utilised and indeed claimed as their work, not only due to an absence of documentation of their existence prior to this habitation, making academia’s claim to their creators an easy assertation to make, but also due to the perceived illusionary capabilities that these monuments would have leant to the Greeks, and prior to them the Lycians architectural skills.

How can academics continue to claim that such precisely cut stone structures, were the work of such primitive cultures? We believe it to be far more logical, to presume that these precision cut structures, were already in existence during these eras, and probably the reason for the areas initial in-habitation.

Who built the ancient rock cut structures of Myra? Were they, as we postulate, created by the same advanced lost civilisation, we have linked through the stonework, to sites the world over?

It is undoubtedly an incredible location, with particular identifiable features, which we find, highly compelling.

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