The Temple of Hathor at the Dendera Temple Complex

Nassim Haramein: Egypt - Hathor Temple Ceiling Interpretation

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Under Dendera Temple with Mohamed Ibrahim

The Story of the famous crypt under the temple & explaining the so called Dendera light bulb

Mohamed is showing us that there are earlier representations for the famous symbols at Dendera Temple, and they are from New Kingdom, Hatshepsut's time. The symbols are connected to Hathor.

John Anthony West in the Temple of Hathor - 2016

This video has been made available for informational and educational purposes only. Its exhibition on this platform was authorized by Mr. John Anthony West himself on camera recordings during the "Magical Egypt Tour" in 2016.

The aim of this video is to keep alive and spread Mr. John Anthony West's legacy. Thank you.

The Divine Feminine: Temple Of Hathor Egypt

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Did Electricity Exist In Ancient Egypt? The Evidence...

In a secret underground part of the Temple of Dendara in Egypt there are depictions of what some people claim are ancient crook tube light bulbs. Is it possible that we were not the first culture to harness electricity?

The Dendera Zodiac of Egypt: An Ancient Babylonian Copy

Ancient Architects

Found on a ceiling in the Temple of Hathor, which is part of the Dendera Temple Complex, south of Abydos in Upper Egypt, was once one of the most famous bas-reliefs in Ancient Egypt – the Dendera Zodiac.

It is notable for its depiction of the constellations, which include the different signs of the zodiac. Most are easily recognised by modern-day observers as they appear almost the same as their modern equivalents but, nevertheless, there are also several signs that are less easily identified as they are represented in accordance to Ancient Egyptian iconography, or so we are told. There is in fact evidence to say that far from having a truly ancient Egyptian origin, it is in fact copied from a Babylonian source. Watch the video to find out more!

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