Jimmy from Bright Insight talks about the Tao Te Ching

THIS is What Ancient Human Civilization Would Give Humanity if They saw Us Today

If ancient humans were to see our future society standing in line outside Wal-Mart out Black Friday, they'd probably crap their pants and puke in their own mouths at the same time. The Tao Te Ching is treasure of Wisdom, and I strongly feel that this is one of the best gifts to give anyone, whether it be for Christmas, Birthdays, anything.

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People are slowly starting to wake up...and I am going to accelerate it. I seek truth and combine research, logic, intuition & humor to "synthesize" information for you in my own down-to-earth way. This is just the beginning of my channel...I have a long term vision, and will connect the dots on many different topics as I improve and build this channel. The truth is found with an open mind and the truth is literally stranger than fiction.

Buddy Baker