The New Agora - Elect to govern yourself

By Lorenzo & Fredalupe, Publisher & Editor of The New Agora!

Our intent is to go beyond the norm into an ever expanding wonderful world that, with its own momentum, will grow our publication over any borders, around any obstacles, doing no harm while creating our lives any way we choose.

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We are here to help bring about a new and intelligent way for our communities to grow and prosper together without having to ‘sell out’ to make a living, without having to compromise any integrity.

We pick and choose our articles super carefully, and even more carefully those who publicize their businesses and services with us. We know from a long line of feedback and testimonials that if you “grok” what we do, if you really get what we’re about, and see beyond the self serving nature of most of commercial reality to more fully picture the fantastic possibilities that open up to us when we work together for the good of all as best we can, well that’s when the fun begins.  Commerciality becomes community and the world’s a lot more human all of a sudden.  Transparency effortlessly takes the place of devious shenanigans, predator-reality replaced by one of cooperation, of invention, of creative solutions.  With one’s hearts on that level of love we can really get this show going, open source our evolution, and probably shock everyone at how fast it could happen for everybody involved, everyone participating, in their own salvation, so to speak, in their own happy destiny, more to the point.

So, if the paper is something you feel like becoming a part of, well, your biz will do super well with us. If you take the time to count, besides our 70-80,000 readers each month and hundreds of volunteers of one sort or another…we have about 40-50 solid monthly advertisers. Not a huge number really, but enough to have gotten us to where we are more than 5 years on. And you know, most have been with us, or are intending to be with us for a good long time. Some have surprised me, staying so long, in that they’ve done better with us that I would have imagined at the beginning…others have left a lot quicker than I expected, with the opposite being true…they seem to have felt we weren’t a good fit. But I’ll tell you this for nothing, if you have a good feeling being with us, and we have the same for you, well you can’t help but to succeed in being a part of The New Agora.

When it’s all said and done, and you’re just left with yourself at the end of your day, drifting off into sleep…well, who doesn’t want to feel secure and excited about the coming day, and the rest of their lives. Who doesn’t want to know they’ve made and are making good choices for themselves, their families and their businesses. If you’re doing something great and helpful, no matter what it is, people have to know about it or else they simply can’t support you. That’s where publicizing, making public, comes into play. You can’t support what you’re unaware off. If nobody knows what you`re doing they simply can`t help you. Whether that’s support for your health, your wealth, your body or your very soul…if you don’t know you can’t show. And that’s what it comes down to for us…and what I will share the next time someone asks me what our publication is all about. We are a structure, a platform, an opportunity, an idea; a self generating phenomenon that encourages intends and supports loving-abundance in every sense of the word.

Feel free to give me a call and I will certainly share more of how we can work in abundance together.  We’re open to questions and suggestions we are ready to work with anyone who is sincere about wishing to join The New Agora.

With our integrity intact and our intelligence in full activation we can, through our newspaper and its growing contributors, inspire and encourage by example a world of happy, healthy and fully wonderful lives, inside and out and even beyond.

There is so much more to us than meets the eye, and with all of us activated to bring into existence the beautiful lives we all know in our hearts is possible we can’t help but to succeed.

Buddy Baker