Ancient Egypt Download of Nassim Haramein

A Presentation by Bruce Douglas May 2018 Maui Hawaii

This video is the information given by physicist Nassim Haramein about ancient Egypt during a tour of Egypt with 160 of his trained delegates in November 2017, as told by Bruce Douglas in a Power Point Presentation on Maui.

There was an ancient civilization in Egypt long before the Pharos of Dynastic Egypt that built the megalithic stone pyramids and granite stone temples of Egypt. This high tech civilization ended 12,000 years ago in a Great Cataclysm. This is the story of that ET civilization, the power objects they used and the story of Black Wholes and singularities.

0:00 Intro.
1:08 Outline.
2:14 Who was Nassim Haramein?
3:55 Great Pyramid overview.
7:36 Capstones of the Pyramids.
8:42 The 3 Chambers of the Great Pyramid.
11:11 The pyramids were all about the water.
12:42 Resonance of the pyramid.
15:23 ARK Crystals of Nassim.
18:00 Our night in all chambers of all 3 pyramids.
20:04 12,000 years ago erosion.
21:48 Temples built as capacitors for resonance.
23:00 Sphinx was carved from one stone.
25:46 What are the spheres the Gods are holding?
29:38 Black Whole theory of Nassim.
30:35 Plasma waves and plasmafying of rocks.
31:48 Antigravity space drives of ETs.
32:44 Toroidal fields, singularities and black wholes.
36:22 Fractal reality of black wholes.
38:12 The microcosm is a fractal of the macrocosm.
40:33 Creating a black whole singularity in the lab.
42:34 The story of Atlantis from Plato blowing themselves up.
44:10 The science of the Great Cataclysm of 12,000 years ago.
46:10 A new theory of the Cause of the Great Cataclysm.
47:52 Cataclysm ended the Earth’s civilization for 6000 years.
49:55 How exploding singularities may have caused the cataclysm.
51:30 Dynastic Egypt built on ruins of pre-cataclysmic Egypt.
53:42 Pre-cataclysmic tunnels filled with sarcophaguses.
54:38 Our military digs tunnel and plasmafies rocks.
56:50 Temples use water and resonance for healing.
58:46 Charging the temple with our ARK crystals.
59:58 Museum tour examines power objects.
1:03:02 Dating the statues by the type of stone.
1:03:58 Technologies of the sarcophagus.
1:05:10 The pharaoh with the elongated skull worships the singularity.
1:06:25 Treasures of the museums.
1:07:40 The Bent Pyramid and the precision of its capstones.
1:10:23 Ancient pre-cataclysm city of Memphis.
1:12:34 Temple of the Hathors and the meaning of its carvings.
1:15:57 The “Bagdad Battery”.
1:16:56 ET landing pad on roof of the Temple of the Hathors.
1:18:34 Capacitor walls of earthen clay surround temples.
1:19:35 Osirieon Temple with Flower of Life etched into stone.
1:21:06 Luxor Temple examining pre-cataclysmic vs dynastic Egypt.
1:23:04 Obelisk were tuning forks.
1:25:32 Pre cataclysmic statues in dynastic limestone temples.
1:26:09 Mosques and Catholic churches built on ancient sites.
1:26:40 Valley of the Kings were pre-cataclysmic tunnel.
1:28:46 The Unfinished Obelisk shows us the plasma wave technology.
1:31:11 Elephantine Island pre-cataclysmic singularity shrines.
1:33:34 Comparing Egypt, Pre-Inca, Mexico and Indonesian temples.
1:34:32 The Exodus of Moses from Egypt with the singularity.
1:36:00 Moses crossing the Red Sea with help of the singularity.
1:37:15 Arc of the Covenant.
1:38:32 Crossing the River Jordan using power of the Ark of the Covenant.
1:39:12 So what was the Arc of the Covenant?
1:42:10 How the Ark of the Covenant brought down the Walls of Jericho.
1:43:54 The pre-cataclysmic tunnels of the Temple Mound in Jerusalem.
1:45:00 The Essenes hid the Arc of the Covenant.
1:45:48 The Story of Jesus and the Arc of the Covenant.
1:47:44 After Resurrection Jesus went back to India.
1:48:30 Mary Magdalene went to France with the Arc of the Covenant.
1:49:00 Arc of the Covenant went to Ethiopia until present times.
1:50:00 Singularity of Muhammad buried under Mecca.
1:50:45 Bermuda Triangle story of its singularity.
1:52:15 Petra Temple of Jordan built the race of giants.
1:52:46 Gunung Kawi of Bali also built by giants with singularity chambers.
1:56:38 Pyramids around the world including Bosnia.
1:57:04 Are there pyramids in Hawaii?
1:58:16 Question and Answer:
1:58:22 Q1: Pre-Cataclysmic granite vs dynastic period limestone.
1:59:10 Q2: Singularities create wave forms and Kundalini.
2:00:10 Q3: Feminine energy of the Andes.
2:01:33 Q4: Cataclysm 12,000 years ago.
2:02:13 Q5: Humans are a young species compared to old ET species.
2:05:14 Q6: The Intra-Terrestrials vs the Extra-Terrestrials.
2:07:45 Q7: It is time to us to grow up and join our Galactic Family.
2:08:58 Q8: The Unified Field Theory of Nassim.
2:10:34 Q9: Free energy devices.
2:12:38 Q10: We can do it on Maui.
2:13:24 Q11: How singularities organize plasma.
2:16:56 Q12: All living beings are free energy devices.
2:18:24 Q13: Plasma energy changes rock into liquid-like rock.
2:19:24 Q14: Nassim was a breatharian for a period of time.
2:20:16 Q15: The alchemy of fasting singularities.
2:22:18 Q16: Bruce’s Theory of the Great Cataclysm.
2:26:08 End