USOKS Global Series - Outposts of Sacsayhuman

This is the 1st video in a series that will connect the dots between Sacsayhuaman and its surrounding sites to create a picture, if possible, to what once was. Every picture has a story to tell and if you wish to see more we have them posted in our Global Connections Group and links to our Web Sites. I took all pictures and wrote the music, the song is Called "Sacsayhuaman. I hope you enjoy.


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Tetekaka is a little known piece of rock that, on the outside you would never guess what is inside it. As I am finding this is a normal occurrence. There are Blue Stone outcrops and formations without anything inside them, or is that though just because we can't find the entrances inside because they have been covered up over time by sediments over the eons or deliberately to protect them by the Inca. The Inca are one of the only cultures I know of that instead of recycling what they found they tried to repair it out of respect to the Ancient ones that left the ruins behind. That is one reason it seems the Inca are being given credit for building many of these sites when they didn't. If you come to Peru for a tour, Beware of what the guides tell you because they are not correct when it comes to who constructed these Walls and Cities. That is what they are taught in their Archaeology Classes they must take to become a Tour Guide.

Wichay Pata

Wichay Pata means, The Upper Part..... This is a great day hike and one that takes you through parts of Sacsayhuaman that are not a normal part of the experience. Sacsayhuaman is bigger than most people think, it covers a 34 square Kilometer area that stretches above the main park. The scenery is beautiful and the atmosphere is excellent. There are many vista to be seen around each corner and they are breath taking and worth the walk.

Quenqo & ZoneX

Quenqo & ZoneX are two more places made in the Blue Stone, Etemenanki the stone of the Earth and Sky, as the Legend and Myth call it. Within these formations of the Blue Stone, which is a Limestone with / had many qualities we do not understand today. Within these two places, the indicators point to an Ancient culture that winds its way back through the wormhole of the timeline. Maybe to the beginning layers of Life on this planet. And No, not the life we see and live today. Because in the beginning, there was Stone.

Puca Pucara- Tambo Machay, Peru

The "Outposts of Sacsayhuaman" Series is in the overall, a view of the region of the Sacred Valley not presented with just the Inca in Mind. Who was here before the Inca and left us a mystery. Not only has the sites in the Kingdom of Sacsayhuaman risen hundreds if not,,, thousands of feet in elevation. But also from the separation of the original land mass that places in the Outpost Series present, as we see around the planet.


The Sacsayhuaman "Outposts" Series is a look at the mysterious places in and around Sacsayhuaman. This Series Will continue to show visuals of interesting information unique to each place and the proximity between them. The Sites I show are by NO Means all of them that are here. Some still are visible, however over the layers of time many are covered up and are yet to be found. Some by the Layers of time and some I feel intentionally, before the Spanish arrived in Cusco. I ask, Will there be enough found someday to honestly create a picture from what is left, that will allow us to see it as it Was and its Function. Alfredo Gamarra says it is the Tower of Babel and Cusco is "Babylon the Great". The more I see I have to say...