Crystal Healing Energy

We see crystals every day in the form of salt, sugar, and snowflakes, prized for their beauty in gemstones and valued for their utility in many electronic products. Some people believe crystals have spiritual and healing qualities, as well, a marvel of nature and chemistry.

By: Robert Sepehr | author, producer, and anthropologist.

William Brown SEMINAR ARK® crystal technology

New findings are summarized in a research paper, "Electromagnetically modulated precision geometry quartz: Quantification of Effects on Electrochemical Properties of Water," which was published in October 2018 by Torus Tech. The research illustrates the electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of water treated with precision designed synthetic quartz crystals. Previous studies on this topic have indicated that some physical properties of water are influenced when placed in proximity to precision-geometric quartz (PGQ) that have been activated with specific modulated electromagnetic fields (PGQmem).