Wingless EFE Touring Craft MHD

Electron Flow Engine (E.F.E.)

Wingless EFE Touring Craft (MHD Propulsion SSTO) Earth – the year 2021 CE – A new craft is about to be unveiled. Thank you all for coming. Today we’re introducing a novel aerospacecraft with a radically different propulsion system – the Electron Flow Engine, or E.F.E. if you prefer. This craft, which we call the EFE Touring Craft, or the EFE-TC, is wingless, highly maneuverable, and best part of all, it can hover in near silence for days on end. But that’s only half the story: today we’re going to be testing its single stage to orbit capabilities. Any questions? How does this “Electron Flow Engine” work? Great question. All over the surface of the craft are located microwave beam transmitters, used for ionizing the surrounding air... This video was in part brought to you by our awesome patrons. Sooner or later such a scenario will indeed become a reality. 2017 – we stated in our first video, The Alcubierre-White Warp Drive: “...routine flights to and from space will become common place.” Play video clip. Guess what... it’s now beginning to come true. Step by step, SpaceX, and to a lesser degree others, are making the dream of commercial space travel become a reality. As commercial space travel becomes increasingly commonplace, it’s only a matter of time when individuals, such as yourself, will be needed to work in space, or on another planet such as Mars. Elon Musk is doing his part in delivering us into space and to Mars. But that’s only half the story. Over the years he has repeatedly expressed the desire for others to participate, by picking up where he leaves off. Therefore, we, AsteronX, are striving – putting together a team to fill in the resource, equipment, personnel, and technological gap between us, Mars and space. Technologies such as the one we’re about to discuss falls within these gaps. This time around, space travel is completely revolutionizing the world in ways that, frankly, seem more like science-fiction than reality, and yet it is reality – it’s our new future. There is nothing new about this technology. What is new, however, is in the way we plan to employing it. This tech literally holds the promise of making such a craft, as we have presented at the beginning, become a reality, and in fact, with testing could even enable a Single Stage-to-Orbit (SSTO) spaceplane, perhaps sooner and much less expensive than anyone expects. What is this technology you ask? It is based on Magnetohydrodynamics or MHD for short. Magnetohydrodynamics deals with the magnetic properties and behavior of electrically conductive fluids such as plasma, liquid metals, salt water, electrolytes, and of course, ionized air. Speaking of plasma – If you haven’t already, see our video, Shields Up! – Real Life Energy Shields, in which we discuss the use of plasma for active shielding. [...]

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