Visiting Atlantis

I'm GOING To Atlantis?

Why The Richat Structure May Be The Lost Ancient City Of Atlantis

Josh Sigurdson reports on his plan to go to the Richat Structure in Mauritania to search for Atlantis, the so-called mythical ancient city detailed by Plato in his Critias and Timaeus dialogues thousands of years ago. We have decided that the best way to find out the truth is to go to the site itself and explore on the ground using coordinates that appear to be the most promising. The number of pieces of evidence are so overwhelming that it's hard to write down in a simple description. The Richat Structure, also known as "The Eye Of The Sahara" and "The Eye Of Africa" lays deeps in the Sahara Desert in the country of Mauritania. It is on a plateau covered in water erosion and is the perfect size to be the city Plato recounted from the info handed down by his ancestor Solon. It is 23.5kms around the main island. Exactly as recounted. It opens to the south with mountains covered in rivers to the north. It has fresh water in the center island and salt water throughout the other rings. That area of the Sahara used to be jungle before suddenly turning to desert in a catacylsm. You can see from space that much of the land was washed out as if land slid from the mantle into the ocean. As we've detailed greatly here at WAM, nearly every ancient civilization spoke of a great catacylsm, most of a flood that washed out coastal cities and set humanity back. Interestingly, of the 600 civilizations that recounted such an event throughout the world with no known connection with each other, the majority of the stories are the SAME with slight variations. Science has now proven that there was a massive climate cataclysm around the end of the Younger Dryas Period. Put this together with the fact that in recent years, the true origin of civilizations throughout the world have changed people's perspective massively. Many academic researchers claimed for centuries that civilizations begun around 3000BC. As if people stopped climbing trees to suddenly build the greatest structures in human history that we still cannot replicate to this day and then slowly forget how to build such structures as structures got more and more primitive over time. Then we've found Gobekli Tepe in the past 20+ years that dates back to the 10th century BC which then randomly got buried in the 8th on purpose. So civilizations suddenly advanced, built amazing building and then stopped for 5,000 years, then begun again. The storyline put forward by the major academics of the space has gotten ridiculous. From water erosion on The Sphinx in Egypt (which claimed to be an outpost of Atlantis) to perfectly fitting polygonal blocks at Machu Picchu, we have been lied to and the Richat Structure near the Atlas Mountains and the Sea of Atlas (Atlantic Ocean) appears to be most likely site of Atlantis (The Island Of Atlas). So we're going there! We will bring you on site video soon!

Stay tuned and wish us luck!

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson
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LIVE Update On Our Trip To The Richat Structure!

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