Exotic Technological Patents Found All By One Inventor

Who is Inventor John Quincy St. Clair?

By: scubasteve

The mysterious inventor John Quincy St. Clair filed some very interesting an exotic technology back in the early 2000's. Please refer to my last post on a majority of his inventions:

No one has been able to figure out who this man is. Let's talk about his surname, "St. Clair." The St. Clair family

Wikipedia Entry

"Clan Sinclair (Scottish Gaelic: Clann na Ceàrda [ˈkʰl̪ˠãũn̪ˠ nə ˈkʲaːrtə]) is a Highland Scottish clan who held lands in the north of Scotland, the Orkney Islands, and the Lothians. The chiefs of the clan were the Barons of Roslin and later the Earls of Orkney and Earls of Caithness.[5]"

"Origins of the clan[edit]
No certain record exists but it is likely that the Sinclairs came from Saint-Clair[disambiguation needed] in Normandy.[6] They first went to England (before they came to Scotland) with William the Conqueror during his invasion of England.[5] The name was originally "Saint-Clair" which was a place name.[5] Richard of Saint-Clair and Brittel of Saint-Clair are both mentioned in the Domesday Book.[5] William of Saint-Clair accompanied Saint Margaret of Scotland, daughter of Edward the Exile to Scotland in 1068, where she eventually married Malcolm III of Scotland. In return for his efforts, the king supposedly granted Sinclair the barony of Roslin, Scotland "in free heritage".[5]"

"One of the earliest recorded Sinclairs in Scotland was Henry of Saint-Clair/Sinclair, who obtained a charter for the lands of Herdmanston in Haddingtonshire in 1160.[5]"

"The chiefs of Clan Sinclair, the Earls of Caithness, descend from Sir William St Clare who was sheriff of Edinburgh and who was granted the barony of Roslin (Rosslyn) in 1280.[6]"

Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

Crest Badge

Crest Badge


The Saint-Clairs have connections to the Knights Templars

"DNA SNP matches + connections in medieval Norman records prove one of our Saint-Clair lineages was directly connected with the powerful families behind the Knights Templar."


If you do not know who the NYMZA and the 1903 group are, then I highly recommend that you watch Walter Bosley's presentation that he gave at the Secret Space Conference. The NYMZA and the 1903 group are two breakaway civilizations who have developed very highly technological flying vehicles and who knows what other gadgets. Quite possibly the ones that we see in these patents and many more.

The Emergence of the Breakaway Civilization | Walter Bosley

I have a feeling that if this is one of the real St. Clairs then we may really have something here. Technology that quite possibly does actually exist today and it's in the hands of the NYMZA and the 1903 group.






Inventor John St. Clair peaked my interest when I saw his patent on the Triangular Spacecraft: https://www.google.com/patents/US20060145019, which resembled the mysterious TR - 3B to a T in my last post: https://steemit.com/technology/@scubasteve/the-tr-3b-proof-of-its-existence-via-patent


Let me show you some more interesting exotic patents by this mysterious inventor John St. Clair:


Permanent magnet propulsion system

Electric dipole moment propulsion system

Hyperspace torque generator

Rotating electrostatic propulsion system


Bobbin electromagnetic field propulsion vehicle

Rotor inductance propulsion system

Chi Energy Amplifier