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ORACUL, the Organization for the Research of Ancient Cultures, is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to the scientific study of civilization's origins. Video – Narration: Robert Schoch; Music: Pallas Catenella; Production; Catherine Ulissey

How Old Is Human Civilization? | Documentary Film Kickstarter

ORACUL needs YOUR help! We've launched a Kickstarter Campaign to fund the DEFINITIVE, serious documentary film about civilization's remote and forgotten origins.

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The scientific debate surrounding the origins of human civilization is far from settled.

Independent research by scholars and professionals in the hard sciences has begun to challenge the accepted narrative of civilization’s beginnings. Today, there is a large body of evidence from a myriad of fields which argues convincingly for a revision of that narrative – pushing back the timeline for advanced culture by many, many thousands of years

For example, did you know that:

  • While most archaeologists claim the Great Sphinx of Egypt was constructed in 2,500 B.C., the hard sciences of geology and astronomy actually push it back to an astonishing 10,000 B.C., or even older.

  • Many of the famous Moai of Easter Island are much larger than they look, and buried up to their necks in ancient sediments. In fact, the oldest are worked from basalt (rather than volcanic rock). Basalt is a much harder and more difficult stone to carve. Basalt quarries have been found underwater, but have not been studied.

  • Evidence continues to mount that humanity suffered a tremendous, world-wide cataclysmic event (or events) at the end of the last ice age. Unknown, yet technologically sophisticated cultures from a much earlier cycle of civilization were almost entirely wiped out - prompting survivors to build massive stone structures and underground dwellings. What were these events? And, could they happen again?

Organization for the Research of Ancient Cultures, or ORACUL, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to the scientific study of civilization's origins. We're poised to produce the definitive, serious documentary film about humanity's remote and forgotten past. We've got a world-class filmmaker on board for the project. But now, we need your help to make it happen! 


Rainwater erosion on the walls of the Sphinx Enclosure

Rainwater erosion on the walls of the Sphinx Enclosure

ORACUL was founded by Dr. Robert M. Schoch and a small group of colleagues. Schoch is a  geologist and faculty member at Boston University, most known for his groundbreaking research on the age of the Great Sphinx in Egypt. He created a storm of controversy by proving scientifically that the Sphinx is many thousands of years older than previously believed. 

Many of you may remember the landmark Mystery of the Sphinx documentary from the early 90s. That film was the introduction many of us had to the idea that "lost civilization" could, in fact, be a historical reality. That film sparked outrage in the orthodox archaeological community, as many in academia were threatened by this new, hard-science approach to studying remote history.

This sprawling megalithic site was intentionally buried nearly 12,000 years ago. That's well over 8,000 years before Egyptian civilization.

This sprawling megalithic site was intentionally buried nearly 12,000 years ago. That's well over 8,000 years before Egyptian civilization.

Fast-forward to today, and there has been so much more evidence uncovered to support this initial work. Newly uncovered sites in Turkey, such as Göbekli Tepe, are so un-disputably ancient and anachronistically advanced, that they, and other sites around the world, can be considered "smoking gun" evidence for sophisticated, pre-ice age civilization worldwide. 

The mission of ORACUL is three-fold: Research Advocacy, Publishing, and Educational Outreach. Because we're a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, your financial support of this Kickstarter project will be used not only to fund this groundbreaking documentary, but also to advance ORACUL's mission in all three of these areas. Even better, your support is tax deductible.

About the Film

Jim Fields, a well-known and experienced documentary filmmaker (End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones, TIME Online), will be traveling with ORACUL to Egypt in May. Here, we'll be shooting preliminary footage and scouting sites for the documentary.

In addition to the many ancient and awe-inspiring sites around the world, underwater structures, ice core samples, ancient petroglyphs, plasma events, and astronomical evidence have all become new pieces of the puzzle. In ORACUL's planned documentary, all of these pieces will be put together for the first time on film. This project is something that many, many people have been asking for, and with your help, ORACUL will be in a strong position to produce it, and to distribute it world-wide to as many people as possible.

When embarking upon a major project such as this, there are plenty of expenses. Even such simple things as permits to film at different sites in Egypt can cost upwards of $2,500 per day! Add to that the cost of travel, equipment, insurance, editing, etc., and the price tag for a film such as this quickly rises.

That's why ORACUL needs your help to make this happen. Your generous support will allow us to do this the right way - maintaining rigorous scientific standards and without relinquishing control to a third-party.

About The Rewards

"Hey, why no copy of the film as one of the Rewards??"

Good question. We know that it's "standard practice" on these Kickstarter Campaigns to offer a copy of the finished product as an incentive. One of our biggest organizational values here at ORACUL is transparency, so here are a couple of reasons why this Campaign is a bit different:

  • We simply cannot predict what the release date will be at this point. We've got a great outline of the film put together, a great filmmaker on board, and plenty of people set up to be interviewed in the film. But, the reality is, things like site permits, field work and/or research on said sites, etc. can be held up for many reasons that are beyond the control of ORACUL. Making this film is priority numero uno for us, but we'd be disingenuous if we said that we had a set timeline. It could take two or three years, or it could take six months - it's honestly hard to tell.

  • We believe very strongly that we can secure a major distribution deal for this film. One of ORACUL's core missions is Educational Outreach, and so we feel obligated to try to get the finished film in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Even though we'd love to promise copies of the completed film to you amazing Kickstarters, doing so may backfirein the future. The last thing we want is either to jeopardize a large release deal, or jeopardize sending copies out to you if we promised them. 

That being said, we do have very cool Rewards that will go out at the end of this campaign! In addition to those Rewards, you'll also receive other Rewards as soon as the film itself is completed. These have been labeled in the Reward Tiers as RIGHT AWAY and AFTER FILM COMPLETION.

Your Backing Supports ORACUL's Overall Mission

Because we're a nonprofit organization, your backing here is tax deductible (at least for backers in the United States...again with the transparency, we can't necessarily say the same for those of you in other countries!) 

Overlooked basalt quarries exist under the waves at Easter Island

Overlooked basalt quarries exist under the waves at Easter Island

Seismic studies have proven that a chamber exists underneath the Sphinx

Seismic studies have proven that a chamber exists underneath the Sphinx

Money raised through your generous support of this Kickstarter Campaign will be put into the ORACUL general fund; meaning it will also be used for research and other important ORACUL endeavors. This upcoming documentary film is front-and-center, but it is inextricably tied-in with these other ORACUL pursuits. We have many other initiatives planned (Easter Island underwater quarry research, finding out what's inside that chamber under the paw of the Sphinx, raising awareness of anomalous sites in North America, etc.) and it all will be made possible by you - people such as yourself who want to see these things finally taken seriously, and put to the test of genuine scientific scrutiny. That's what ORACUL is here for! Right now we're a small team, but with your help, the organization can keep growing.

Thank You!

Please share this Campaign with as many interested people as you possibly can - together, we can blow past the $50,000 goal, and secure funding for so much important work in the near future. The more we raise with this Campaign, the bigger & better this film will be...

Thank you, from all of us here at ORACUL!

Brett Miller - Executive Director | Robert M. Schoch,  Ph.D. - Research Director | Catherine Ulissey - Production Director | Anthony Ruvio - Development Director - Official Website

Risks and challenges

As mentioned in the previous section, the main challenge is not knowing a ballpark release date for the film. We want to do this film, and it will get made. The specific challenges are site permits and changing political situations in different countries - both of which are outside of ORACUL's direct control. Bottom line though, if we get a lot of funding through this campaign, we can start dealing with those issues (and hopefully overcoming them) right now. If we don't get the funding, we can't. It's as simple as that!

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