Dedicated to sharing my ARK® Crystal experience with the world


Hello, In 2018 I became an affiliate of ARK® (Advanced Resonance Kinetics) Crystals and it completely blew me away! Im not particularly into crystal healing, yoga, meditation, etc... I do like to consider myself open minded though. From the very first moment I heard about this product I had a feeling this was something special, after holding one in my hand I now know it is going to change EVERYTHING one day....THIS THING IS REAL!

If I hadn't held the ARK crystal in my hand for myself, I would have just moved on, but I felt the ARK crystals presence from the very first moment it touched my hand. You can actually feel the ARK crystal "resonating" and this completely hit me in a way that was so profound its hard to properly describe. Within a month I purchased my own ARK crystal and started the online media presence of @holdmyark #holdmyark

My intention is to use these platforms to share my experience with my ARK crystal with the world. I also have a variety of ideas and potential applications for my ARK crystal beyond simply wearing it and enjoying its presence. As you will come to learn if you're willing to accept it, this crystal's functions and capabilities are varied and reaching.

In order to even begin to understand what this ARK crystal is and does, you'll have to do some homework. When you hear the fact that this crystal has been precision engineered to specifically interact with the zero-point dynamics of the quantum vacuum, it's hard really to comprehend at first. When you ask "HOW?" and the answer you hear is "ARK crystals have been precision engineered so that they will couple to vacuum fluctuations when brought into molecular harmonic resonance interactions via the acoustic, electromechanical, and electromagnetic plasma oscillator of the Harmonic Flux Resonator." you then realize you're dealing with something that is on another level completely.

You might ask "What is the quantum vacuum?" well, according to the ARK crystal website "a substantive quantized medium filled with harmonic zero-point energy oscillations. This sea of continuous energetic oscillations has now been identified by some physicists as the elemental source of all mass, form and structure." This floored me when I first read it. I still have a lot of learning ahead of me to really understand properly what that statement even means. All I know is that when I held an ARK crystal in my hand I felt it resonating with the harmonic zero-point energy oscillations of the quantum vacuum.

So what does this mean? What does it do? Why do I care? I asked these questions myself as well. The answer according to the ARK crystals website is "ARK® crystals have been shown to have significant effects on water structuring, increasing system coherence, and optimizing biology for growth and vitality." You might first say "NO WAY" or "PROVE IT" ...well they've been conducting laboratory testing on water and the effects of the exposed water on plant life with AMAZING results! I highly suggest checking them out for yourself.

I have been wearing my ARK crystal for about 1 week (7/26/18) and I can tell you that the ARK crystal's presence is undeniable. I've had several people hold my ARK crystal with the same consistent response as well. Follow me on social media to see where I go and what I do with my ARK crystal next! Thank you for your interest in ARK crystals and please feel free to email me if you have any questions.